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Formspring :

Anonymous asked: Dream routine on UB/bb?

UB: Komova II -pak- chow 1/2- Gienger
Kch- higgens roll- Ono- laid out or piked jäger
Inbar 1/1- Ray (Toe-on Tkatchev)
Kch 1/2 turn- toe on 1/1- tucked dbl dbl

Bb mount ro LOSO LOSO LOSO LOSO Lysenko style
Dbl turn
Switch ring
Flic to “aerial onodi” (this has yet to be done but I think it’s possible) into scale/ penchee to immediate fwd roll
Split jump wolf hop free aerial
RO bhs triple full

Anonymous asked: When Switch Ring is downgraded doesn't it go one difficulty lower? E to D. Switch leap goes one difficulty lower if downgraded but then what would that make the switch leap then? A split leap? And if so that makes no sense. So I think whenever a switch is downgraded it's just one difficulty lower and they don't sub it for another skill unless it's so bad. Am i right :S?

It depends on the reason for the downgrade. It can go down one letter or more. If the gymnast does not show enough “switch” (her free leg doesn’t get to 45 degrees before switching, then it’s just credited as either a ring leap ( if a switch ring is being attempted) or a split leap ( if a switch split is being attempted). If there is not enough of a ring shape with the back leg or no arch/release of head then it goes down to a switch split leap.

If the gymnasts switches correctly and has some head release and arch but does#8217;t quite hit the required position then you are right, it just goes down to the next letter with no real classification


I think the anon made a mistake or typo on the above question because it didn’t really make sense as worded but I interpreted it to mean just a switch split leap instead of a switch ring leap. That’s not possible. A .1 downgrade is though and that’s the most I can see her getting.

Anonymous asked: It's also possible Kyla's switch ring was devalued to just a switch ring instead of a ring leap. I don't see her getting the front aerial + sheep

It’s not possible actually ( unless they made a huge mistake) because she already counted a switch leap. Since you can’t count elements twice, had her switch ring been initially downgraded to a switch leap, she would have counted an A dance skill and her score would have been .3 or .4 lower.

A downgrade to a ring leap would have just been .1 lower.

I agree the front aerial to sheep was sketchy and I wouldn’t have given it, but as I said, mathematically I can’t find an alternative. If you can, by all means please correct me.

I think most likely she didn’t get the .1 from the switch leap to back tuck at all and she didn’t get either the full value for the switch ring or the punch front to wolf until after the inquiry.

That’s the best I can offer?

Anonymous asked: Would you mind providing a breakdown of Kyla's EF beam D score- what she attempted, the inquiry, etc. I am confused over the whole thing.

I’m using my phone right now and am going off the top of my head for some stuff, so please forgive and correct me if there are errors:

Attempted 6.1
5D acro skills (side aerial, side somi, punch front, front aerial, double tuck dismount) = 2.0
1 E (switch ring) 1 D ( sheep jump) 1 C ( switch leap) dance skills. .5 + .4 + .3 = 1.2 
Composition reqs: 2.5 
So without cv: 2.0 + 1.2 + 2.5= 5.7 

She attempts to connect
Front aerial to sheep (d + d = .2)
Punch front to wolf (d + a = .1)
Switch leap to back tuck ( c + c = .1)

Possible .4 

I don’t know whether she got the punch front to wolf or the switch leap to back tuck but the .2 + one of the .1 connections is the only thing that makes sense to me mathematically

The only other possibility is that initially her switch ring was devalued to a ring leap (d) instead of a SWITCH ring which would give her the 5.9 and then the 6.0 after inquiry. I don’t know what they inquired about specifically. It’s not released and I haven’t heard anyone confirm it in an interview.

Any idea why there is no broadcast footage of the Moors being performed in all around finals? It wasn’t shown on NBC, BBC or CBC. I thought the broadcasters would have had it pegged as a highlight? (P.S. Go Canada Go!)

I think there was only one general feed available for purchase and the each network cut it down for their specific broadcasts. The feed didn’t show the moors so CBC couldn’t get it. Plus I know the AA was too expensive and so CBC didn’t buy any of it. I’m glad they showed a little bit of worlds though. It’s the first time in years! It pisses me off we have like 900 hours of curling on this weekend but we get 2 hours of gymnastics all year!

Anonymous asked: Do you know when that reality TV show where celebrities try to do gymnastics starts? Either the American or the British version? I can't wait to watch this hot mess!

No idea sorry

Anonymous asked: Why hasn't Shawn Johnson tried to become and athlete representative for an Olympic Games?

You mean for the FIG? I don’t know about athlete representatives and how they work but after 2008 Nastia tended to do more stuff involving gymnastics and shawn did more general commercial stuff so it makes sense that USAG nominated Nastia for the athlete rep.


How come no one talks about that LEG FORM!?!?!?

Because I’m too distracted by how much I want to give her a sandwich.


How come no one talks about that LEG FORM!?!?!?

Because I’m too distracted by how much I want to give her a sandwich.

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Anonymous asked: Not to get all academic on you but you're kind of like a "cultural racist" . You should learn to put context behind your judgements and translations.

Ugh. Not to get all academic on you, but the term you are looking for is ethnocentrism.

Go away and educate yourself before you come at me with made up terms like cultural racist under the guise of being “academic”.

Anonymous asked: Did you see how tall Komova is in that school visit video? She's standing right next to Mustafina who i believe is 5'4'' and she looks 5'3.5''!!! from 4'11'' to 5'3'' in one year! I'm starting to think that maybe she's lost her arabian on beam and her beam dismount due to the growth spurt and she might be a bar kicker next year. what d'you think?

No idea. It’s often hard to get a good judgement based on a few seconds of video because on camera the angle and the distance away from the camera can mess things up.

I think her Arabian on beam is pretty safe but I think bars will need some adjustments. They’d be wise to do like Mustafina and construct her routine with as few giants and tap swings as possible and almost everything out of close bar skills.